Hi, I'm Kevin.

I am passionate about using graphic design to bring about positive social impact.


I help public and social-service organizations effectively communicate their messages through compelling solutions that engage audiences and give life to organizations’ stories. For more than 10 years I have been proud to work with teams specializing in serving Social Impact organizations and nonprofits, resulting in raising millions in funds, while more effectively communicating with donors, customers, volunteers, and the community.

Every day I strive to:

  • Live and work with integrity, honesty, pride and a sense of humor and fun;
  • Use my skills and abilities as a vehicle to bring beauty and understanding to the world;
  • Live passionately and be true to myself;
  • Have a positive influence on the lives of others;
  • Keep learning; and inspire myself and those around me through my actions.


Examples in the portfolio section of this website illustrate an overview of some of the projects and campaigns I have worked on over the years. Contact me for a personal review or to discuss an opportunity.


My professional profile can be found on LinkedIn. Contact me if you would like to receive a copy of my resume.